Workshop in digital marketing in Espoo August 28th, 2018


Are you an international talent with digital skills or
do you have knowledge of international business?
Do you want to learn more about digital marketing
and e-commerce and create networks with Finnish
small & medium-sized enterprises?

Come to explore the most common digital marketing
tools together with us!

Time and place: 28th August 2018 at 9:00-12:00
Laurea Leppävaara campus, Room 232
Vanha maantie 9, Espoo

The aim of the workshop is to build a digital marketing tool map and to share
ideas on how to help enterprises to implement digital tools in marketing.
This is a highly co-creative workshop where participants get to share their
knowledge related to digital marketing and e-commerce.

We have places for 30 participants. The workshop is free of charge and it will
be held in English. If you have a laptop, feel free to take it with you. Morning
coffee/tea is served starting at 8:30.


Register by 23rd August: https://bit.ly/2ydffQJ

Additional info: merja.iiskola@laurea.fi krista.keranen@laurea.fi
MAINOS OSAAJAT workshop Leppävaara 28.8.2018

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