What Kind of Social Media for the Future?


No matter who you are, social media is probably somehow present in your everyday life. If you are an entrepreneur, it really should be a part of your company’s daily functions. Social media usage today does not simply cover Facebook or Instagram, but it is more diverse than you probably realize. Are you missing out? Video projects, eBooks, vlogs, blogs, WhatsApp? Collaborating with a social media personality, launching Internet courses or podcasts, creating an app?

But how to get started?

1. Well, first you should check who is already operating in your target area, and you could e.g. use LinkedIn and other networks to do that. Start with the easy, free-of-charge options and figure out which one of them works the best for you –and if none of them seem to do the trick, create your own!

2. Start with a clear point of view –what will be your target culture, society, group, and specific focus? Perhaps at this point you could utilize the customer information you have collected from previous sales. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines of how and when, how often to publish in your chosen social media, as there are very good guidelines on how and what to do.

3. Combine new and familiar content, and try to produce content daily and quickly –agile development is the key. No, the content does not have to alter the world as we know it, but only to keep your customers interested, engaged and wanting more. Simple, fun, informative: not necessarily new, but again.

4. Get a mentor: concentrate on doing what you do the best and let someone else do the rest.

And what better way to get started than to take part in our project?

Writer: Niina Kovalainen

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