Equibliss Horse Tours Finland Oy

Project: Digital marketing strategy and Google Search campaign for Equibliss

Description: Equibliss Horse Tours Finland provides diverse, full-package horse excursions and activities in the beautiful landscape of Southern Finland targeting primarily tourists visiting Finland.

Project target was to identify digital channels with the highest sales potential for Equibliss and build campaign/project for one of them.

To achieve this goal, suitable channels for Equibliss target audience were identified and among most high potential channels Google Search was selected and the campaign was planned.

Results of the projects include 1) Customer journey map with digital channels suitable for each stage, 2) Selection of the channels with the highest potential to result in sales and description of the campaigns that Equibliss could run in them, 3) Google Search campaign ready for launch.

Equibliss team found our collaboration very productive. The company plans to launch Google Search campaign during peak touristic season and also to develop the other high potential digital channels identified during this project.

Team: Tatiana Kuumola

Coach(es): Krista Keränen, Laurea UAS

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