Funky Monkey Club

Kuvaaja: Jani Lappalainen

Project: Funky Monkey Club is a provider of music programs, classes, concerts, and services for parents, events, and the private kindergartens with kids between 5-month-old to 5-year-old.

The project aims to generate leads to potentially increase at least 10 classes per week in the metropolitan area by building a content marketing strategy. Their participation in an upcoming Child Fair event has the potential to increase their customer base and visibility. In addition, the project also looked for expansion opportunities.

During two months’ time, the content creation process involved suitable channels to execute some of the marketing assets. For example, promoted through Facebook campaign and Google search in order to attract the target audience to their website and event. At the end of the project, it guided the project client to a direction to take in offline and online marketing to achieve the sales goal.

• Defined their target customers and customer journeys.
• Identified suitable marketing channels to generate content such as blogs, referral program, email marketing, among others for the content creation process.
• Created a content calendar for execution.
• Planned the Google Search campaign ready for launch.
• Created guidelines, executed the setup and launched some of the Facebook Ads.

Team: Alejandra Valenzuela

Coach: Asko Mononen, Laurea UAS

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