The Finland Shop

Project: Marketing recommendations for The Finland Shop’s market entry to Germany

Description: Finding the competitors and the target customer groups in Germany and how to reach the target groups, analysing the company itself and its competitors with SWOT and competitor analysis, learning about customer behaviour by doing desktop research and questionnaire for Germans.

Partner’s comments: ”The team from Laurea did excellent job. It was a great co-operation with the students. They were very well organized and had a super approach to work on the topic.” Pauliina & Johanna

Team: Heli Vanha-aho, Maija Siponen, Sandra Dötter, Juho Riihimäki, Osman Akinci and Lari Laine. First year students of Business Management and exchange students from Germany and Turkey, Laurea Hyvinkää, P2P.

Coaches: Maija Huhta and Annemari Kuhmonen, Laurea UAS

Expand2eBusiness coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea UAS

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