Curt Richter Photography   

Project: Rebranding Curt Richter Photography website

Description: Curt Richter is an internationally award-winning portrait and commercial photographer from New York based in Helsinki and working across EU and beyond.

The project target was to refine target audience and service offerings for promotion in the digital channel and based on it develop new website content, including a self-intro video. To achieve the goal a series of three workshops focusing on offering development, website content re-design and self-introduction video making were held.

Results of the project included: 1) finalized website written content (including visual sitemap, written content for each page, SEO initial setup, list of photographs/videos to be used on or to be developed for each page), 2) self-introduction video to be featured on About page.

Curt Richter about the project: “It has been hugely beneficial and educational, much more ambitious than I originally thought.”

Team: Tatiana Kuumola

Coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea UAS

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