E2eB practical projects – Interview with an SME and an international talent

Photo from left to right: Johanna, Kelmi and Tatiana

Expand2eBusiness (E2eB) Project focuses on e-business from the perspective of sales and marketing. Project targets to help SMEs to develop their business when planning to enter international markets. We offer seminars, workshops and also carry out practical projects based on the needs of the SMEs. Through match-making events, we connect SMEs with international talents, who are capable of realizing these SME-projects and who want to get experience from co-operation with Finnish companies. 

We asked Johanna Jussila, CEO of Kaukalo Solutions Ltd and an international talent, Tatiana Kuumola who collaborated on the project recently to share their experiences. They met through a matching event organized by E2eB project and cooperated on the practical project “Analysis of competitors’ digital presence” to identify key insight for Kaukalo Solutions own digital marketing strategy in spring 2019.

Could you introduce your company/yourself?

Johanna: Kaukalo Solutions Ltd was founded out of a passion for learning to code and out of love for horses as well for very practical reasons. The Kaukalo founders needed a solution for all the scattered and cluttered data related to their horse – data, which was then stored to different media and paper calendars. One evening one of the founders came up with an idea or solution in the form of an app. Learn more about Kaukalo Solutions.

Tatiana: I am a digital marketing professional with expertise in digital marketing strategy, analytics, and pay-per-click campaign management. I moved to Finland recently and this year I founded Moonbits Consulting to offer my services to small businesses and help them grow internationally through effective digital marketing.  Learn more about Moonbits Consulting.

Why did you join E2eB project?

Johanna: As a start-up going to market with a new approach app and limited resources the E2eB project gave an outside resource, expertise, and understanding of how influencers and social media effect and should be taken into account in the launch phase. An outside E2eB talent’s insight on the product launch was essential in evaluating the competition in the market.

Tatiana: I was looking to enrich my portfolio with local companies’ cases. E2eB project caught my attention as it offered an opportunity to meet companies focusing on entering international markets and seeking for international experts. It aligned with my plans and expertise, so I decided to give it a try.

What was a project about and how did your cooperation go?

Johanna: Taking part in the E2eB project was interesting – first the process of pitching the idea for the talents was the first test and meeting the very talented talents pitching their skills and interests. And second the cooperation with Tatiana whose professionalism and expertise are highly valued.

Tatiana: After match-making event, we had a thorough discussion about Kaukalo Solution needs and decided to choose the competitor’s digital marketing analysis as our project. I develop the analysis approach and conducted the research, focusing on evaluating competitor’s target customers, offerings, monetization and business models, and digital presence. Overall, it was very interesting to be a part of and to help the company with its internationalization process.

What kind of results did you get?

Johanna: The results of the project were a deeper understanding of competitors’ social media presence as well as their business model and background. The cooperation with Tatiana was thoroughly impactful and insightful as well as fun.

Tatiana: The results included in-depth insights on competitors’ digital marketing strategies and recommendations on best marketing practices for Kaukalo Solutions specific for their industry sector. The analysis will help Kaukalo Solutions to plan and better position their digital marketing activities in the launch phase. Overall, cooperation with Kaukalo Solutions was very productive and allowed me to learn a lot about the equine sector – Johanna even took me for a ride with her horse Kelmi, which was the first ever horse ride in my life!

To what kind of companies would you recommend this project?

Johanna: E2eB cooperation is a good platform for start-ups or scale-ups to test markets or find an extra pair of professional hands.

Tatiana: To companies who are interested in expanding to international markets and are eager to work with international talents to achieve this goal.

Interested in joining E2eB project? Check “Tapahtumat” section to learn more about upcoming Matching events and workshops.  

Writer: Tarja Laakkonen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Interviewees: Johanna Jussila & Tatiana Kuumola

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