Lille Clothing Ltd

Project: New marketing plan for Lille Clothing LtD

Description: The international project team of Laurea University of Applied Sciences got 60 bloggers and an Instagram-influencer to promote Lille Clothing on their social media channels. The project team created a marketing plan for the company. Social media marketing plan included goals and strategy, competitor analysis, marketing calendar instructions for the effective use of different marketing channels and development proposals.

Lille Clothing LtD ordered a project from Laurea’s project team to raise an awareness the brand’s image. The project team created a marketing plan for the company and found parties for the social media marketing. The project team contacted 60 bloggers and acquired 3 active collaboration partners to promote Lille’s values on social media.

In the spring of 2019, the P2P students at the Laurea Hyvinkää campus received mandate. The main objective of the project team was to focus on the market abroad and approach to the German market as well as the Finnish market. One of the requests that was made by the company was that the project team should find a way to expand in English speaking countries mainly in the USA and Australia. Mostly the team needed to focus on the social media area (Instagram and Facebook).

As a part of the mandate, the project created a social media marketing plan for the company to use in the future. The team also conducted social media and general research of competing companies in the German and UK market.

The project team: Smal Alexander, Järvinen Joona, Puurunen Santeri, Hämäläinen Joel, Niininen Jasmiina, Trojan Monja and González Juan

Laurea senior lecturers: Airaksinen Pyry and Knuuti Katriina

Expand2eBusiness Digital Business Coach: Krista Keränen

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