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Project: The project team at Laurea University of Applied Sciences Hyvinkää campus did a market entry project for Pumpa Design Oy. Three target markets (Germany, the UK and Australia) were researched. After the research, the best target country and individual resellers for Pumpa Upcycle products were selected.

The project team made market and social media analysis, and based on the analysis, the team created a social media calendar. The project team benchmarked 20 online shops, from which project team found three promising resellers and partners for Pumpa Upcycle products. The project team also benchmarked 14 sewers from Germany and UK, who could potentially sew Pumpa Upcycle products in the future.

Project team: Ching-Yi Chiu, Kia Kämäräinen, Topi Pitkänen, Yannick Wiese and Mirka Kivinen

Coach(es): Krista Keränen, Laurea UAS

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