RoostLab Oy

Project: Social Media Analysis for RoostLab
Description: The project had essentially three phases. In the first phase, the overall social media landscape for offroad sports was analyzed. The team gathered and analysed approx. 20 different social media channels. Key channels were analysed and presented in more detail. 
During the second phase of the project the team studied and prepared example case studies of social media usage. The team studied which social media channels are used the most. Also, the team studied the way in which the channels are used, and how the users react to different types of communication methods in the different channels. 

In the last phase of the project the team prepared a report on the key findings. 

• Social media landscape analysis 
• Case study analysis
• Findings

Team: Okko Soini, Mattia Minarini
Coach: Asko Mononen, Laurea UAS

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