Taking Care of Your People: Future Workforce

As a lecturer who has worked at the university level for almost 20 years (a century, it rather seems at times) I have seen various syllabi, courses and strategic goals. But one of those goals has remained the same: taking care of our students, the future workforce. We aim at teaching them everything we know as well as everything you, the companies & markets, tell us they will need. But what can you do in your part to take care of your employees and your customers?

  1. Have a clear customer-centric strategy. That way both your customers as well as your employees will know what to do to make the customers come back –and you will be able to receive and utilize the customer feedback to the best of your ability.
  2. Have coherent business concepts & execute them efficiently. This will help your employees, our students, understand their responsibilities and carry them out in such a manner that you are pleased with.
  3. Listen to your customer: deliver your promise better than promised. Let your workforce know that they are free to help the customer in ways not necessarily written out in training manuals. Deliver your promise better than promised. You might have a possibility to make your customer’s everyday life easier –if you do, they will most definitely come back.
  4. The ability to combine low prices with high quality might result in a win-win situation- that is, if you do not know how to create an unforeseen competitive advantage by creating something completely new. Remember to also check your company’s eCompetition –you know it is important. When talking about electronic commerce, the ability to use social media might give your company to be locally present everywhere.
  5. Finally, Take care of your own people. That’s what we have tried to do and expect you to do the same. Always have your employee’s back –if it’s your company, the ultimate responsibility should fall on your shoulders.

Reinvent your company culture, do not stay put. We know customers won’t.

Writer: Niina Kovalainen, Laurea UAS

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