SCM Best Oy

SCM Best Oy helps customers to improve productivity throughout their whole value chain by identifying profit makers and destroyers in sales, sourcing and production. SCM Best Oy participated in the Expand2eBusiness project organized by Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

The aim of the Expand2eBusiness project was to help SME´s to develop their businesses on their path to enter international markets. The project was funded by EU and the Uusimaa Region in spring 2019.

SCM Best Oy´s challenge was to kick-start their social media presence and choose the suitable channels for their marketing. They had also a need to refresh their sales materials and get a campaign plan for their social media content.

The project was done in collaboration with another entrepreneur Mimosa Sukanen who completed a LinkedIn plan, a LinkedIn profile guide for the employees and updated the sales presentation. The materials were developed together with SCM Best Oy which enabled both parties to learn about new online tools, social media and different digital marketing techniques. The Digital Business Coach Krista Keränen helped the project team to find suitable solutions to the tasks during the project.

“Mimosa´s presentation and way of working was very clear and she brought us concrete tools and models for our digital marketing. Now it´s easy for us to continue forward.”
– Ray Blomqvist

Team: Mimosa Sukanen

Coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea UAS

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