Free digital marketing planning tool for SMEs and digital talent


Hi! I’m Asko. I want to help companies with their digital marketing!

I designed poster and ebook for planning of digital marketing. They help you in holistic understanding and phasing your efforts.

During last years I have noticed ever widening digital divide in small and medium sized companies in Finland.  Entrepreneurs and SMEs are bombarded with sellers with often contradictory spot solutions. Learning the lingo of acronyms and settings of social media channels ads nobody seems to have enough time for master the game. Also, the customer projects and -inquiries are anyway always the top priority, as they should be.

So what can we do to help? Let’s go back to basics… Since the big picture is hard to fit into tiny smartphone screens, let’s draw it on the big canvas!

Why to go ”old school” on digital era? Because I’ve seen this working tens of times earlier as well, why shouldn’t it work here? No matter what kind of complex matters are on plate, simplification just simply works. Ask other service designers or teachers!



POSTER. A2-size
EBOOK A4-size

So what’s the value of these visual tools?

Most of the people remember things better when visualized.

Once you have these tools, it’s easier to tell your boss, assistant or supplier the same story. One CEO of my customer used to walk always with strategic customer relationship model – poster in his briefcase, proudly showing it to new customers and partners. Think about the message “this is how we work” vs. just saying ”customers are important to us…blah blah…” which one would you rather believe? 

When we talk about new, abstract, conceptual matters we often talk on different levels and disagree – even if we in principle would agree, since we miss the shared understanding and language. With help of tools it is much much faster to start to cooperate and cocreate.

Phasing and positioning bigger and smaller things is easier. Details can be ironed out faster. E.g. if ad seller would like to take all of your marketing budget to one phase, it’s easier to remember what else was on the ToDo-list.

What if you disagree with this exact model? Does not matter much, there are several schools and no absolute truths. Still, it’s important to understand the digital marketing dimensions. Scrap the elements that are not relevant in your specific case and create few new “boxes” that fit them better.

Why do I deliver this for free? Aren’t consultants now getting out of jobs? I doubt, there’s plenty of work to do, my aim is to help to raise the basic level of digital marketing understanding. I am partially working as digital coach of “Expand to eBusiness –program”. Program is funded by European Regional Development Fund and Uusimaa Region (Uudenmaan liitto, Helsinki capital –region) and led by Laurea university of applied sciences.

These digital marketing planning tools are done with Creative Commons – license, so feel free to use them, ideally on printed format (A2-size for poster and A4-size for ebook). If you want to modify them, use CC-BY-Asko Mononen – mark and we are cool.

I would be happy hearing feedback on use and what would you like to see next?

October 1st, 2019

Espoo, Finland  

Asko Mononen

Digital coach, senior lecturer, Digital Living Lab, Laurea university of applied sciences

 PS. If you are SME-company in Helsinki-region or international talent living in Finland, contact for seminars, projects and matching.