Näkinmäki B&B

Project: Service Design for Näkinmäki B&B

Description: The assignment of this project was to figure out ways to get Näkinmäki more visitors and make it more profitable. The team divided the project into two topics: improvement in internet visibility and planning actions of profitability. The plan was to think of improvements to Näkinmäki’s website and other web presence, so it would seem more attractive and reliable to customers.     

The project team: Hanna Mäkelä, Claudia Jyränoja, Pinja Tuominen, Adele Keränen, Milla Hyyläinen, Emilia Pylkkänen, Alexandra Murillo, Amelie Ceron, Mizuho Inuno and Tea Mäkitaipale

Laurea senior lecturer: Elina Wainio             

Expand2eBusiness Digital Business Coach: Terhi Kärpänen

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