Project: Search of resellers and partners for AO-Allover (

Description: The international project team of Laurea University of Applied Sciences searched for multiple potential clients in Europe and in different continents for AO-Allover and managed to find 6 new resellers to a partnership with AO-Allover. The project team created market research, competitor analysis, client research and contacting list to develop an efficient ways of partnership research and to succeed in it.

AO-Allover commissioned a project from Laurea`s project team to find resellers for their company. Laurea`s project team created market research and operated according to it; the project team contacted 48 potential clients in various ways and established to find 4 interested companies abroad as a reseller for AO-Allover.

In the autumn of 2019, the the project team received the assignment. The main focus of the project was to support AO-Allover to find new B2B retailers in the European market. The team focused mostly on finding potential retailers and contacting those. 

The project team: Anttila Saida, Alonso Jon, Bahtiri Kastriot, Finer Heidi, Turtiainen Hanna & Kayaak Leyla

Laurea senior lecturers: Airaksinen Pyry and Knuuti Katriina, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Expand2eBusiness Digital Business Coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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