Koivisto Studio Ay

Boosting business of a Finnish wooden jewelry manufacturer with SEO activities and social media activities

Project Client: The client of this project was a Finnish wooden jewelry manufacturer Koivisto Studio Ay (

Project: The assignment consisted of three practical tasks. The first task was to activate the Online shop with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to optimize their website in general with the help of Google Ads and finding important keywords. The most important task was to increase the activity on social media platforms. The team also searched for social media influencers who would be fitted for a potential collaboration on Instagram.

Results: As a result of the project the team came up with a content marketing plan on Facebook and Instragram, which illustrates the essentials of content marketing in a quick but detailed manner. The content marketing plan includes a marketing calendar which shows what kind of content the client should post and when the content should be posted. There are also clear guidelines which tell how to follow customers interactions and reactions with the content. In the content marketing plan there is examples of the contents that are interesting in the point of view of the audience.

The development proposals from the team were concentrated around the content marketing plan. Proposals included branching out to new social medias such as LinkedIn and Pinterest, creating a personal marketing calendar based on the one that the team delivered and using influencers as a method of marketing the products.

Project Team: Alexander Hillerzeder, Eva Kanai, Ruri Kayaakay, Leyla Kivikoski, Pyry Lohiniva, Tuomas Rahkonen & Elviira Smal

Lecturers: Pyry Airaksinen & Paul Dickinson, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Digital Business Coach, Expand2eBusiness project: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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