Project’s name: International Market Strategy project for Love365

Love365 is an online shop which provides products that help people to put their emotions into words. The main product of the company is Love calendar which includes tasks for each month.


At the beginning of the autumn semester 2019, the project team began the task to work in cooperation with Love365. The target of the project initially was to plan and implement a business expansion to Sweden and Germany and maybe even Switzerland. However, due to the increasing market size of online shopping, the client decided to opt for a strategy on how to list, advertise and sell products on Amazon.

During the project, the team come up with a guideline on how to start on Amazon, what should keep in mind and what problems might arise. The group decided to go for very straight forward approach by collecting all necessary data all over the Web. After this, the data was gathered, shortened and visualized in order the client to receive a compact guidance on the discussed topics. In addition, the team translated all product descriptions from Finish to English and analysed the customer database. Since the user data was not as revealing as hoped for, the team decided to roll out a short survey in addition. The survey, as well as the user data, revealed that several steps could be taken in order to make the website and the shopping experience more appealing. It was mostly the layout and usability of the shop, which was pointed out, as it was not as intuitive. Nevertheless, several customers stated that they liked the products and the idea behind them.


As a result, the client got to understand her customer base better and was presented with possible improvement proposals. Furthermore, the client got detailed guidelines on how to sell products on Amazon and some insider tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

The team, while it had struggled at the beginning, managed to come up with a very valuable piece of work which proved to be a very valuable help for the client. Overall, the team highly enjoyed the cooperation with the partner and liked the closeness to the client and the first-hand experience in the real business world.

Team: Erik Lahti, Iina Myllykylä, Julia Nebel, Janina Pusin, Neea Rantanen, Laura Savioja & Joel Schmid

Senior lecturers: Katriina Knuuti & Paul Dickinson, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Expand2eBusiness Digital Business Coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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