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Project: Prospecting new customers in a new market area

Seidat project’s main target was prospecting new customers from Ireland. It turned out challenging as Ireland was a new market for the team as well as the company. However, the project team received clear instructions and real expectations from Seidat. Ireland is an interesting market with big potential.

Seidat’s product is fascinating and the team is welcoming which is why working with the company was easy. The team members were invited to visit the office and meet the team, as well as discuss further working opportunities.

Before the project with Seidat, prospecting was something that one of the participants only knew in theory, so it was interesting for them to get a chance to do it for a real project. The project team got very clear instructions from Seidat and could always ask questions if there was any. Even without any experience on prospecting, there was no reason to ask for extra guidance from the company as the instructions were so detailed from the beginning. We can recommend Expand2eBusiness project for any student since it is an excellent learning opportunity. During the project with Seidat the team learned how prospecting really works and gained a new skill and a better understanding of how projects might go in “real life”.

Expand2eBusiness project from Laurea is an equally good opportunity for networking as well as getting new experience. Can be recommended both for students and already working specialists.

From the company point of view, the project was very successful with concrete results for the Seidat sales team. The project took a few hours to manage but in the end, was worth the while.

Company contact: Suvi Heinikoski

Talents: Elli Uutela and Ekaterina Melnichikhina

Digital Business Coach, Expand2eBusiness: Krista Keränen


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