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This project was accomplished with a real-life company in partnership with E2eB (Expand2eBusiness project). The project gave the project team many challenges and exciting new opportunities to see how a company works and how to progress to another level of expansion.

In this project, the project team analysed the content of the service of the company. The project team broke down the services into small modules using current Service Design techniques. The aim was to improve the system and to approach the customer in the way that the CEO wanted. The project team summarized the findings and development suggestions into the blueprint.

At the end, the company found the project successful and was satisfied with the quality of the work of the project team. The project team found the work very satisfying; they felt even though the team did not have years of experience in similar cases, they could provide good service and result which the company appreciated.

Team: Alessandro Machado Bezerra, Santeri Österlund & Simo Mälkiä

E2eB Digicoach: Arvind Sharma, Laurea UAS

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