Digital marketing project on SMM, SEO, SEM and Analytics

This project consisted of four elements of digital marketing; SMM, SEO, SEM and analytics. The aim of this project was to build the company’s brand, analyse competitors and generate potential leads to valuable clients.

In this project, the project team worked together with the branding and marketing team of Q-Yachts. The team made three plans for each part of this project. In addition, some campaigns for SMM (Facebook and Instagram) were implemented. There were few plans and guidelines to be implemented in future on SEO and SEM.

While analysing the competitors, the project team found some considerable information how the competitors were working on their social presence, approximate amount of money they were spending on ads and the weight of their official websites. Keyword research was also another important part of this analytical section.

The project team run one-week PPC ads campaign on Facebook and Instagram for Q-Yachts. This campaign covered broader audiences from all over the world with some specifications. The results were collected and the data received from the campaign was analysed for the final future campaign.

Team: Md Shahidullah

E2eB digicouch: Arvind Sharma, Laurea UAS

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