SAAGAR Jewelry

The experiences of an international talent in E2eB project

I am Gioia Zanobini, this a little thought about my work experience in Finland with Mrs. Maija Aatelo of SAAGAR Jewels.

I was able to take part in a work experience here in Finland at the management of the online store of Mrs. Maija Aatelo of SAAGAR Jewels. In particular, I worked in the “Innovation and Marketing Communication Manager” field. This work suited for my course of study and was also great for my curriculum.

In this project I helped the company to write descriptions of the products, to find and identify what Italian users really need and on the basis of these elements, to clarify the best interaction experience for users.
I also studied  the most suitable ways of communication and identifying the channels through which the company could reach the target customers. In addition, we wrote the story of Maija to be able to make the site and the description of some jewels more appealing.

I am grateful for this experience abroad in this field of work. The owner of the company was always very friendly and kind, she gave me a great sense of determination that will surely spur me to face other experiences of this kind with great energy and willpower. I was also happy to interact with the other members of a project team, which helped me to better understand the dynamics of the teamwork.
Thanks to Laurea university of applied sciences for this opportunity of learning and having fun.

Interantional talent in E2eB project: Gioia Zanobini

This is a lovely picture in Porvoo, where Mrs. Maija Aatelo of SAAGAR lives. Here she produces her jewels. Lovely house and was so interesting to see the place where she creates and gives life to her ideas.

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