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ERGObrass offers a support system that enables the brass players to stay comfortably relaxed while playing!

Project: Setting up and running Facebook campaign for ERBObrass

The project target was to develop a new Facebook campaign. To achieve this goal, the performance of previous Facebook campaigns was analysed (including targeting, goals, features, profitability analysis) and a new campaign structure (targeting, placement) was planned.

Results of the projects include:

1) Analysis of previous campaign performance including profitability, targeting, placement and Ad Set performance

2) Two weeks Facebook campaign for selected products, including targeting audience, Ad copy based on company materials, optimization, and result evaluation.

ERGObrass found the project very interesting. The results for sale were not as high as expected and to current knowledge ERGObrass’s sales have not risen. Of course, the time was also very different as the world is under corona virus quarantine at the moment which might have also some affect to online marketing. However, the campaign got a lot of views, shares and awareness so there might come more sales in the near future. The entrepreneur feels he also got good ideas from Tatiana (the international talent) on how to improve future campaigns, both on what to do in a campaign itself in Facebook and also how to improve the web store funnel. Based on entrepreneur’s opinion Tatiana is a hard working person and easily adapted herself with this kind of very special product world and was eager to learn more about new subjects.

Talent: Tatiana Kuumola

E2eB Coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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