The sound of nature in your home and sauna.

Kelosound brings nature to you with their new products.

In the cooperation with a project team from Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Hyvinkää, Kelosound prepared their own marketing campaign. Different agreements, a project plan, keywords, interviews with potential partners, and the final campaign were topics of the cooperation.

The first steps

In the first meeting with the project team, Kirsi Ihalainen from Kelosound made a project plan for the whole semester. The start was a little bit bumpy, because the team did not know what to focus on yet. With Skype meetings every week, Kelosound obtained more topics which they wanted to focus on. During the first steps of this cooperation, the project team prepared a competitor analysis, keywords analysis, and Google adword analysis for Kelosound in presentations and prepared for upcoming interviews. They also searched for sauna builders from Italy and Germany.

The social media campaign

The most important step for Kelosound was to install a marketing campaign on three different social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. At this point, the project team afforded a lot of time and energy. Sharing pictures from Kelosound was the first step to prepare a good marketing campaign. The project team also searched for interesting hashtags for the different channels. The hashtags were ranked according to the number of followers, and divided into three different groups. Because of the COVID19 crisis around the world, the project team also added hashtags related to this topic in. The most exciting and difficult aspect for the project team was to create their own posts. First, they started by creating three posts per channel for the Kelosound campaign. After that, they focused more on posts for the Saunasound campaign. The first posts of the campaign came out on the week 17. The project team followed and analysed the activity on the Kelosound web page.

The cooperation went well, and Kelosound was thankful for the cooperation with the project team. Kelosound also gave positive feedback after each meeting to the team.

Project team: Jouni Heinonen, Tuomas Lohiniva, Joel Järvinen, Christian Faienza, Jesse Ollikainen & Simon Rieckmann

Lecturer: Pyry Airaksinen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

E2eB digicouch: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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