Lesetoils Oy

Different tastes and flavours for your new drink.

Lesetoils Oy gives different sporty drinks to you and your health. Check it out and feel the taste of healthiness.

In the cooperation project with students from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Hyvinkää, Lesetoils Oy searched for different new markets in Europe. The main focus was to find potential new partners in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Romania, and Spain.

The first steps

Every project needs a good structure. Because of that, the project team prepared a project plan which they presented to the partner, Dr. Pekka Lehtinen from Lesetoils Oy. Their aim was to find some interesting markets for plant-bases protein containing beverages for weight management and good health. Also, they aimed to search and find some potential business partners for distribution, for example, well-being chains, and supermarkets with the health focus. The third aim was to search for gyms in the potential areas which could sell the beverages.

A long search with a happy end

During the project, the project team had couple of status meetings with the client. The most difficult aspect the project team mentioned, was to find good information sources how the health drink market is in the different countries. Also, language difficulties came up, for example for countries like Spain or Belgium. Another aspect was the product itself. The team needed a long time to become familiar with this sort of drinks. But, after five months of hard working and long meetings they presented a good presentation to the client. The client gave positive feedback to the team and was surprised about some facts which the project team found for him.

Laurea’s project team: Simon Rieckmann, Salla Touhonen, Silvia Chitea, Janina Vilenius & Inka Kaleva

Lecturer: Katriina Knuuti, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

E2eB coach: Krista Keränen, Laurea University of Applies Sciences

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