Levos Oy

Project: WordPress and WooCommerce based website development

My name is Sumita Sahu and I’m an IT professional from India and Volunteer in Engineers Without Borders – Finland.  Here is my experience working with Levos and E2eB (Expand2eBusiness project).

Levos Oy is an early stage startup company that focuses on manufacturing of bed, mattress and other accessories for comfort sleep of citizens. It intends to sell products in Finland and abroad.

During Covid pandemic locked down, I realised that Levos products could certainly add value in stress-free and relaxing sleep of citizens. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of Levos project knowing the founder’s goal to offer citizens the “World’s Best Beds”. I wish to see Levos go global.

In this project, I did assessment on different components of Levos website development, maintenances, marketing automation and integration of IT tools to be deployed subsequently.

As a result of the project, Levos website got ready to go live with Online store and the founder is equipped with necessary skills and tools.

The founder of Levos Oy has been very supportive, friendly and cooperative during the project.

I am glad to contribute a small task in E2eB together with Levos. Thank you Laurea University to provide me a new learning experiences in Finland.

E2eB Talent: Sumita Sahu

E2eB digital coach: Arvind Sharma, Laurea University of Applied Sciences