Project: The jewelry company named Saagar, assessing the target customers finds out that Finnish people were not that attracted by colourful jewels. Thus, the company was looking for internationalization opportunities. This project aimed to define the potential of two main markets: Italy and France. The students analyzed the jewelry trends within those two countries. Then, the team created typical French and Italian personas for the company. While keeping in mind the target markets and their preferences, the student made a selection of jewels appealing for the personas and helped in naming and describing the products for the future English website.

Results: At the end of the project, the company Saagar had tangible elements and information from both potential markets to go international. The company also collected relevant information about customers’ habits and which jewels they would prefer within the Saagar jewels collection.

E2eB talent: Sarah Gaessler

E2eB Coach: Arvind Sharma, Laurea University of Applied Sciences