Tähtimoottori Oy

Project: To support Tähtimoottori Oy to expand the business in the international market

Marketing Strategy consisted of follwoing:

  • Plan to launch the new product – A dance to enhance the memory in the elderly and even young people
  • Social Media plan – YouTube channel, manage Facebook page, manage Instagram to visualize the dance
  • Take charge of running website and corporate with other agency to improve the SEO in the company’s website
  • Video filming to put the product on a digital platform, write script to film video, edit video to promote online, and design a poster


  • Successful research on the target market to find more opportunities in the Asian market where there are more elderly people needing special healthcare to prevent dementia
  • Creating videos that  successfully promoted the brand of new healthy and certified dance to the audience in South Korea and Finland
  • Setting up all social media channels and marketing plan, which drove instant traffic and engagement, especially in Instagram
  • Bringing in new ideas for introducing services such as memory dance for students in Asia (company already created contact and did CRM with potential schools in Vietnam and dance institutions in Seoul), memory dance for middle-age people

E2eB talent: Dang Hanh

E2eB Coach: Arvind Sharma, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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